PAMP All My Love Pendant


Commemorating Coin Featuring Rose Silver “All My Love’

Technical Specifications:

Floral Insert Metal: 6 Grams, Silver 999

Coin Base Metal: 28 Grams, Silver 333

Diameter: 40mm

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PAMP celebrates the rose’s universal symbolism as a loving gesture with the commemorative coin ‘All My Love.’

Immediately evident is the 999 fine silver centerpiece of a perfectly formed rose, an insert to the coin base minted in
almost sculptural high relief. Thus the exceptionally finished, high-polish rose insert takes on the appearance of a
precious gem set upon the Rose Silver coin base – the perfect frame for Love’s most favored flower.

Indeed, the beauty of the design is further enhanced by the innovative Rose Silver alloy of the coin base, a silver
alloy developed exclusively by PAMP. Founded upon metallurgical expertise, PAMP is renowned for its innovative
precious metals alloys, and Rose Silver is surely no exception. Delicately hued in a breathtaking rose-pink blush
tone, the coin base harmoniously complements the floral insert’s pure silver petals.

An elegantly winding ribbon bears the inscription ‘All My Love to You,’ the ideal sentiment for any gift giving occasion or for
collecting. Delicate hearts in high relief edge the border with pearl-like grace, imparting this unique, legal
tender coin design with the workmanship of a precious jewel – a treasured keepsake for years to come.


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