Global Market Report - 31 Dec 2021

Gold Spot

Gold prices rose in thin trade on Thursday, giving up earlier losses as the U.S. Treasury yields eased from one-month highs, offsetting pressure from a firm dollar. Benchmark 10-year U.S. Treasury yields dipped from one-month highs with no major catalysts to drive market direction and many traders out before the New Year's holiday. This reduced the opportunity cost of holding bullion which pays no interest.

Technical Resistance: 1822/1832

Technical support: 1808/1790

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  • 2021 Malaysia time 09:00am – China Manufacturing PMI (Dec)

Ringgit, Thai baht lead Asian FX gains; stocks slip

The Thai baht and the Malaysian ringgit firmed on Thursday as Asian currencies benefited from receding worries surrounding the Omicron coronavirus variant, although most stock markets dipped in the last trading session of the year for several exchanges. Despite a surge in global Covid-19 infections, investors seemed to focus more on positive news about the Omicron variant. Researchers in South Africa found that T cells, a key part of the immune system's second-line defence, are highly effective at recognising and attacking the Omicron strain, preventing most infections from progressing to critical illness.

China's December factory activity edges up despite virus outbreaks

China's factory activity unexpectedly accelerated in December, but only by a small margin, according to an official survey released on Friday, amid disruptions from COVID outbreaks and as the broader economy loses momentum in the fourth quarter. The official manufacturing Purchasing Manager's Index (PMI) rose to 50.3 from 50.1 in November, data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed. Analysts had expected it to fall slightly to the 50-point mark, which separates growth from contraction. The world's second-largest economy has lost momentum since the early summer after rebounding from last year's pandemic slump, as it grapples with a slowing manufacturing sector, debt problems in the property market, and small-scale COVID-19 outbreaks.

South Korea Dec inflation at 3.7%, 2021 rate at decade high of 2.5%

South Korea's annual inflation this year outpaced the central bank's current forecasts and soared to a decade-high, proving to policymakers prices are becoming harder to tame and boosting the case for more interest rate hikes in 2022. The average consumer inflation rate for the whole year surged to 2.5%, the fastest since 2011 and up from 0.5% in 2020, government data showed on Friday. That beats the Bank of Korea's 2.3% projection made in November. December consumer prices jumped 3.7% from a year earlier, slightly slowing from a decade-high of a 3.8% rise in November and beating a 3.6% gain tipped in a Reuters survey.

Source: Bloomberg,, Reuters, The Edge


由于美国国债收益率从一个月高位回落,抵消了美元坚挺的压力,黄金价格周四在清淡的交易中上涨,抵消了早先的损失。基准 10 年期美国国债收益率从一个月高位回落,没有主要催化剂来推动市场走向,许多交易员在新年假期前退出。这降低了持有不支付利息的金条的机会成本。


技术支持 :1808/1790


  • 令吉、泰铢领涨亚洲外汇;股票下滑
  • 12 月的工厂活动仍呈上升趋势
  • 韩国 12 月通胀率为 3.7%,2021 年通胀率为 2.5% 的十年高点
  • 美元兑马币交易RM 4.1735


  • 2021年12月 31日,马来西亚时间 09:00 am – 中国制造业采购经理人指数(12 月)


泰铢和马来西亚林吉特周四走强,因为亚洲货币受益于围绕 Omicron 冠状病毒变体的担忧消退,尽管大多数股票市场在今年最后一个交易日下跌。尽管全球 Covid-19 感染激增,但投资者似乎更关注有关 Omicron 变体的利好消息。南非的研究人员发现,T 细胞是免疫系统二线防御的关键部分,在识别和攻击 Omicron 菌株方面非常有效,可防止大多数感染发展为危重疾病。

尽管病毒爆发,中国 12 月的工厂活动仍呈上升趋势

周五发布的一项官方调查显示,中国的工厂活动在 12 月出人意料地加速,但幅度很小,原因是 COVID 爆发的中断以及第四季度整体经济失去动力。国家统计局 (NBS) 的数据显示,官方制造业采购经理人指数 (PMI) 从 11 月的 50.1 升至 50.3。分析师此前预计它将小幅下降至 50 点大关,将增长与收缩分开。这个世界第二大经济体在从去年的大流行衰退中反弹后,自初夏以来失去了动力,因为它正在努力应对制造业放缓、房地产市场的债务问题以及小规模的 COVID-19 爆发。

韩国 12 月通胀率为 3.7%2021 年通胀率为 2.5% 的十年高点

韩国今年的年度通胀超过央行目前的预测并飙升至十年来的最高水平,向政策制定者证明价格变得越来越难以驯服,并助长了在 2022 年进一步加息的理由。 全年的平均消费者通胀率周五政府数据显示,从 2020 年的 0.5% 飙升至 2.5%,为 2011 年以来最快。这超过了韩国央行 11 月做出的​​ 2.3% 的预测。 12 月消费者物价指数较上年同期上涨 3.7%,较 11 月 3.8% 的十年高点略有放缓,并超过路透社调查显示的 3.6% 涨幅。资料来源: Bloomberg,, Reuters, The Edge

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