Global Market Report - 30 May 2022

Gold Spot

Gold prices edged up on Friday and were headed for a second consecutive weekly gain propped up by a pullback in the dollar and U.S Treasury yields, while fears of aggressive policy tightening by the Federal Reserve subsided.

Technical Resistance: 1860/1870

Technical support: 1840/1830

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  • 2022 Malaysia time 6:00 Pm – EU Leaders Summit

Asia stocks edge higher, dollar in the doldrums

Asian stocks followed Wall Street higher on Monday while the dollar was pinned near five-week lows as investors wagered on an eventual slowdown in U.S. monetary tightening, albeit after sharp hikes in June and July. Helping to mellow the mood was news that Shanghai authorities will cancel many conditions for businesses to resume work from Wednesday, easing a city-wide lockdown that began two months ago.

World stock markets rally, treasury yields fall on inflation data

Global markets enjoyed a broad-based rally on Friday, while the yield on benchmark U.S. Treasuries fell after data showed that U.S. consumer spending rose in April and the uptick in inflation slowed, two signs the world's largest economy could be on track to grow this quarter. Consumer spending, which accounts for more than two-thirds of U.S. economic activity, increased 0.9% last month, and although inflation continued to increase in April, it was less than in recent months. The personal consumption expenditures (PCE) price index rose 0.2%, the smallest gain since November 2020.

Oil settles up ahead of U.S. driving season, EU embargo decision

Oil prices rose on Friday, closing out the week with gains ahead of the U.S. Memorial Day holiday weekend, the start of peak U.S. demand season, and as European nations negotiate over whether to impose an outright ban on Russian crude oil. Brent crude rose $2.03, or 1.7%, to settle at $119.43. U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude rose 98 cents, or 0.9%, to settle at $115.07 a barrel. For the week, Brent rose 6% while WTI gained 1.5%. Prices drew support from strong worldwide demand for fuel, with both gasoline and heating oil futures outpacing crude this year.

Source: Bloomberg,, Reuters




技术支持 :1840/1830


• 亚洲股市小幅走高,美元低迷

• 全球股市反弹,美国国债收益率因通胀数据而下跌

• 石油在美国驾驶季节之前稳定下来,欧盟禁运决定

• 美元兑马币交易 4.3760


  • 2022年5月30日,马来西亚时间 2:00 pm – 德国进口物价指数月率(%) (月度环比) (四月)
  • 2022年5月30日,马来西亚时间 6:000 pm – 欧盟领导人峰会
  • 2022年5月30日,马来西亚时间 8:00 pm – 德国CPI月率(%) (月度环比) (五月)


亚洲股市周一跟随华尔街走高,而美元则被固定在五周低点附近,因为投资者押注美国货币紧缩政策最终会放缓,尽管在 6 月和 7 月大幅加息之后。 帮助缓和情绪的是上海当局将从周三开始取消许多企业复工条件的消息,以缓解两个月前开始的全市封锁。


全球市场周五普遍上涨,而基准美国国债收益率下跌,此前数据显示美国 4 月消费者支出增加且通胀上升放缓,这是全球最大经济体本季度有望实现增长的两个迹象 . 占美国经济活动三分之二以上的消费者支出上月增长 0.9%,尽管 4 月通胀继续上升,但低于近几个月。 个人消费支出 (PCE) 价格指数上涨 0.2%,为 2020 年 11 月以来的最小涨幅


周五油价上涨,在美国阵亡将士纪念日假期周末、美国需求高峰期开始以及欧洲国家就是否对俄罗斯原油实施彻底禁令进行谈判之前收盘上涨。 布伦特原油上涨 2.03 美元,或 1.7%,收于 119.43 美元。 美国西德克萨斯中质原油 (WTI) 原油价格上涨 98 美分或 0.9%,收于每桶 115.07 美元。 本周,布伦特原油上涨 6%,而 WTI 上涨 1.5%。 价格受到全球燃料需求强劲的支撑,今年汽油和取暖油期货的涨幅都超过了原油。资料来源: Bloomberg,, Reuters

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