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Gold prices fell more than 1% on Friday as a broader market sell-off weighed on the metal along with a firm dollar, while hopes for further stimulus from the U.S. put bullion on track for its first weekly gain in three.

Technical Resistance: 1875/1887

Technical support: 1840/1826

Market headlines:

  • Dow, S&P close lower as IBM, Intel weigh, coronavirus concerns rise
  • China was largest recipient of FDI in 2020
  • Saudi sovereign fund to double assets in next five years to $1.07 trillion
  • USDMYR traded at 4.0478

Economic data:

  • 25 Jan 2021 Malaysia time 3:00 pm – Singapore CPI (YoY) (Dec)
  • 25 Jan 2021 Malaysia time 4:45 pm – ECB President Lagarde Speaks
  • 25 Jan 2021 Malaysia time 5:00 pm – German Ifo Business Climate Index (Jan)


Dow, S&P close lower as IBM, Intel weigh, coronavirus concerns rise

The Dow and S&P 500 ended modestly lower on Friday, dragged down by losses in blue-chip technology stalwarts Intel and IBM following their quarterly results, as hopes for a full economic reopening in the coming months waned. The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq pared some losses shortly after the opening bell as data showed U.S. manufacturing activity surprisingly surged to its highest level in more than 13-1/2-years in early January, in contrast to a disappointing result in the purchasing manager data in Europe earlier.

China was largest recipient of FDI in 2020

China was the largest recipient of foreign direct investment in 2020 as the coronavirus outbreak spread across the world during the course of the year, with the Chinese economy having brought in $163 billion in inflows. China’s $163 billion in inflows last year, compared to $134 billion attracted by the United States, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) said in a report released on Sunday.

Saudi sovereign fund to double assets in next five years to $1.07 trillion

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund plans to double its assets to 4 trillion riyals ($1.07 trillion) by 2025, Prince Mohammed bin Salman said on Sunday, a move that would make it one of the world’s biggest sovereign wealth funds. The fund would invest 3 trillion riyals in new sectors over the next 10 years, said the prince, who is Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler and chairs the fund’s board.


Source: Bloomberg, CNBC, Reuters




技术支持 :1840/1826


  • 道琼斯指数,标准普尔指数收低,因IBM,英特尔称重,冠状病毒担忧上升
  • 中国是2020年最大的外国直接投资接受国
  • 沙特主权基金在未来五年内将资产翻倍至07万亿美元
  • 美元兑马币交易 RM 4.0478



  • 1月25日马来西亚时间 3:00 pm- 新加坡CPI年率(%) (同比) (十二月)
  • 1月25日马来西亚时间 4:45 pm- 欧洲央行行长拉加德(Christine Lagarde)讲话
  • 1月25日马来西亚时间 5:00 pm- 德国IFO商业景气指数 (一月)



道指和标准普尔500指数周五小幅收低,受蓝筹技术亏损拖累,英特尔和IBM公布了季度业绩,因对未来几个月全面经济复苏的希望减弱。 标普500指数和纳斯达克指数在开盘后不久就回吐了一些损失,因为数据显示美国制造业活动在1月初意外飙升至13-1 / 2年多以来的最高水平,而采购经理的结果令人失望 欧洲较早的数据。


中国是2020年最大的外国直接投资接受国,因为年内冠状病毒爆发在全球范围内蔓延,中国经济吸引了1630亿美元的资金流入。 联合国贸易和发展会议(UNCTAD)在周日发布的一份报告中说,去年中国的流入量为1630亿美元,而美国吸引的流入量为1340亿美元。


沙特阿拉伯公共投资基金计划到2025年将其资产翻一番,达到4万亿里亚尔(1.07万亿美元),此举将使其成为世界上最大的主权财富基金之一。 王子说,该基金将在未来10年内向新领域投资3万亿里亚尔,他是沙特阿拉伯的事实上的统治者,也是该基金董事会的主席。



资料来源: Bloomberg, CNBC, Reuters