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Gold dropped for a second straight session to its lowest level in more than a week, as risk appetite resumed with equities and U.S. bond yields rebounding to curb safe-haven bullion bids. Surging Delta variant COVID-19 infections, which raised fears over a stalling global economic recovery, had weighed on risk sentiment and sparked an equities sell-off on Monday, but stocks and bond yields have since recovered, dimming safe-haven bullion’s appeal.

Technical Resistance: 1813/1825

Technical support: 1792/1781

Market headlines:

  • Dollar, yen in retreat as risk sentiment revives, Musk lifts bitcoin
  • UK’s huge public borrowing falls in June, debt costs rise
  • Global venture capital investments hit record high
  • USDMYR traded at 4.2285


Economic data:

  • 22 July 2021 Malaysia time 07:45pm – ECB Monetary Policy Statement
  • 22 July 2021 Malaysia time 10:00pm – United States Existing Home Sales (Jun)

Dollar, yen in retreat as risk sentiment revives, Musk lifts bitcoin

The safe-harbour U.S. dollar and yen remained on the back foot after pulling back from multi-month highs amid a recovery in risk appetite as strong earnings lifted Wall Street stocks. Cryptocurrencies rallied after Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk said the company would “most likely” resume accepting bitcoin for payment. The dollar index, which measures the currency against six major peers, stood at 92.810 after pulling back from a 3 1/2-month high of 93.194 touched on Wednesday. The yen traded at 130.045 per euro, from an almost four-month top of 128.610 earlier this week, and at 81.00 to Australia’s dollar, from a 5 1/2-month peak of 79.85.

UK’s huge public borrowing falls in June, debt costs rise

British public borrowing last month was almost a fifth lower than a year earlier, when the economy was feeling the full force of the coronavirus pandemic, but rising inflation put upward pressure on debt costs. Public sector net borrowing, excluding public sector banks, fell to 22.8 billion pounds ($31.0 billion) in June, still the second-highest June figure on record. Economists polled by Reuters had forecast a drop to 21.6 billion pounds. Reflecting the surge in borrowing by British finance minister Rishi Sunak to soften the hit from the pandemic, the data showed Britain’s budget deficit leapt to 14.2% of gross domestic product during the financial year to the end of March 2021, its highest share of GDP since World War Two.

Global venture capital investments hit record high

Global venture capital investments are at record levels this year, boosted by a surge in equities, higher liquidity and an increased interest in sectors that have benefited from the coronavirus pandemic. According to Refinitiv data, global venture capital funds invested $268.7 billion so far in 2021, far outstripping their total investments of $251.2 billion a year earlier. The bulk of those deals were in software, e-commerce, digital healthcare and fin-tech companies, whose products and services have seen strong demand during the pandemic.

Source: Bloomberg, Investing.com, Reuters, CNBC



黄金连续第二个交易日下跌至一周多以来的最低水平,因股市和美国债券收益率反弹以抑制避险黄金买盘,风险偏好恢复。激增的 Delta 变异 COVID-19 感染引发了对全球经济复苏停滞的担忧,已经打压了风险情绪并引发了周一的股票抛售,但股票和债券收益率此后有所回升,削弱了避险黄金的吸引力。


技术支持 :1792/1781


  • 随着风险情绪复苏,美元、日元回落,马斯克提振比特币
  • 英国 6 月巨额公共借款下降,债务成本上升
  • 全球风险资本投资创历史新高
  • 美元兑马币交易RM 4.2285



  • 2021年7月 22日,马来西亚时间 07:45 pm – 欧洲央行货币政策声明
  • 2021年7月 22日,马来西亚时间 10:00 pm – 美国成屋销售(六月)


由于强劲的收益提振华尔街股市,风险偏好复苏,避险美元和日元在从数月高位回落后仍处于弱势。在特斯拉公司首席执行官埃隆马斯克表示该公司“很可能”恢复接受比特币付款后,加密货币上涨。衡量货币兑六种主要货币的美元指数在从周三触及的 3 1/2 个月高点 93.194 回落后报 92.810。日元兑欧元汇率从本周早些时候的近四个月高点 128.610 报 130.045,兑澳元汇率从 5 1/2 个月高点 79.85 报 81.00。

英国 6 月巨额公共借款下降,债务成本上升

英国上个月的公共借款比一年前减少了近五分之一,当时经济正感受到冠状病毒大流行的全部力量,但通胀上升给债务成本带来了上行压力。不包括公共部门银行在内的公共部门净借款在 6 月份降至 228 亿英镑(310 亿美元),仍然是有记录以来的第二高数字。路透社调查的经济学家此前预计将下降至 216 亿英镑。数据显示,截至 2021 年 3 月底的财政年度,英国财政赤字占国内生产总值的比重跃升至 14.2%,这是英国财政大臣里希·苏纳克 (Rishi Sunak) 为减轻大流行带来的打击而举债激增的情况。


由于股市飙升、流动性增加以及对从冠状病毒大流行中受益的行业的兴趣增加,今年全球风险资本投资处于创纪录水平。根据 Refinitiv 的数据,截至 2021 年,全球风险投资基金的投资总额为 2687 亿美元,远远超过一年前的 2512 亿美元的总投资额。这些交易中的大部分是软件、电子商务、数字医疗保健和金融科技公司,这些公司的产品和服务在大流行期间需求强劲。

资料来源: Bloomberg, Investing.com, Reuters, CNBC