Global Market Report - 20 Apr 2022

Gold Spot

Gold eased on Tuesday (April 19) after having touched a resistance at the US$2,000 (about RM8,509) per-ounce level in the previous session as the dollar rose to a two-year high and dented bullion's appeal. Gold climbed to US$1,998.10 on Monday, buoyed by safe-haven demand, as the Ukraine crisis dragged on and inflation concerns mounted. However, the metal later gave up most gains as the dollar and US 10-year Treasury yields firmed.

Technical Resistance: 1966/1978

Technical support: 1935/1924

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Economic data:                

  • 2022 Malaysia time 09:15 am - People's Bank of China Loan Prime Rate
  • 2022 Malaysia time 10:00 pm - U.S. Existing Home Sales
  • 2022 Malaysia time 10:30 pm - U.S. Crude Oil Inventories

Fed's Evans sees year-end rates at 2.25%-2.5%, and then likely higher

Chicago Federal Reserve Bank President Charles Evans on Tuesday said the Fed could raise its policy target range to 2.25%-2.5% by year end and then take stock of the state of the economy, but if inflation remains high will likely need to hike rates further. Evans noted some "positive" developments in the most recent U.S. inflation report, which showed consumer prices rose 8.5% in March, but a slowdown in some goods inflation, including for used cars. If that continues, it could help push broader inflation down.

Australia rate hike brought nearer by inflation, wages - central bank

Australia's central bank is nearer to raising interest rates for the first time in more than a decade as inflation accelerates and a tightening labour market nudges wage growth higher, minutes of its April policy meeting showed on Tuesday. The Reserve Bank of Australia's (RBA) Board saw core inflation lifting above the bank's 2-3% target range in the March quarter and more firms were expecting to pass on price rises to consumers. Wage growth was still lagging but likely to pick up as the unemployment rate fell to 4% and below. Data for consumer prices are due on April 26 and analysts suspect it will show core inflation jumped by 1.0% or more in the first quarter to lift the annual pace to at least 3.2%.

IMF sees UK growth slowing to weakest in G7 next year

Britain faces slower economic growth and more persistent inflation than any other major economy next year, the International Monetary Fund forecast on Tuesday as part of a broader downgrade to global growth prospects. The IMF warned Russia's invasion of Ukraine was amplifying inflation pressures that were already present across Western economies, squeezing living standards and growth. The IMF cut its forecast for British gross domestic product growth this year to 3.7% from January's forecast of 4.7%, while for 2023 the growth rate was almost halved to 1.2% from 2.3%.

Source: Bloomberg,, Reuters


由于美元升至两年高位并削弱了黄金的吸引力,黄金在前一交易日触及每盎司 2,000 美元(约 8,509 令吉)的阻力位后于周二(4 月 19 日)回落。受避险需求提振,因乌克兰危机持续,通胀担忧升温,金价周一攀升至 1,998.10 美元。然而,随着美元和美国 10 年期国债收益率走强,金属随后回吐了大部分涨幅。


技术支持 :1935/1924


• 美联储埃文斯预计年终利率为 2.25%-2.5%,然后可能更高

• 通胀、工资导致澳大利亚加息临近——央行

• 国际货币基金组织认为英国经济增长将放缓至明年七国集团中的最弱水平

• 美元兑马币交易 4.2790


  • 2022年4月20日,马来西亚时间 09:15 am – 中国央行贷款市场报价利率(LPR)
  • 2022年4月20日,马来西亚时间 10:00 pm – 美国成屋销售年化总数(户) (三月)   
  • 2022年4月20日,马来西亚时间 10:30 pm – 美国当周EIA原油库存变动(桶)       

美联储埃文斯预计年终利率为 2.25%-2.5%,然后可能更高

芝加哥联邦储备银行行长查尔斯埃文斯周二表示,美联储可能在年底前将政策目标区间上调至 2.25%-2.5%,然后评估经济状况,但如果通胀仍然居高不下,可能需要进一步加息.埃文斯在最近的美国通胀报告中指出了一些“积极”的发展,该报告显示 3 月份消费者价格上涨了 8.5%,但包括二手车在内的一些商品通胀放缓。如果这种情况持续下去,它可能有助于降低更广泛的通胀。


周二公布的 4 月政策会议纪要显示,随着通胀加速和劳动力市场收紧推动工资增长,澳大利亚央行十多年来首次接近加息。澳大利亚储备银行 (RBA) 董事会认为,核心通胀率在 3 月季度高于该银行 2-3% 的目标范围,更多公司预计会将价格上涨转嫁给消费者。工资增长仍然滞后,但随着失业率降至 4% 及以下,工资增长可能会回升。消费者价格数据将于 4 月 26 日公布,分析师怀疑第一季度核心通胀率将跃升 1.0% 或更多,从而将年度增速提升至至少 3.2%。


国际货币基金组织(IMF)周二预测,作为全球增长前景更广泛下调的一部分,英国明年将面临比任何其他主要经济体都更慢的经济增长和更持久的通胀。国际货币基金组织警告说,俄罗斯入侵乌克兰正在扩大西方经济体已经存在的通胀压力,挤压生活水平和经济增长。国际货币基金组织将今年英国国内生产总值的增长预测从 1 月份的 4.7% 下调至 3.7%,而 2023 年的增长率从 2.3% 几乎减半至 1.2%。资料来源: Bloomberg,, Reuters

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