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Gold prices slipped as a stronger dollar dulled its appeal and pushed the metal further from one-month highs hit in the previous session. The dollar index was bound for a strong weekly gain, reducing gold’s appeal to other currency holders. On the physical side, gold in India was sold at a discount last week for the first time in nearly a month as a jump in local prices curbed purchases. Buyers in other major Asian hubs were also put off by higher prices.

Technical Resistance: 1824/1833

Technical support: 1803/1793

Market headlines:

  • S. consumer sentiment drops in early July on inflation fears
  • BOJ cuts Japan growth forecast, unveils climate scheme plan
  • China central bank says it will steadily push forward digital yuan pilots
  • USDMYR traded at 4.2150


Economic data:

  • 19 July 2021 Malaysia time 07:30pm – Central Bank of Brazil (BCB) Focus Market Readout

U.S. consumer sentiment drops in early July on inflation fears

U.S. consumer sentiment fell sharply and unexpectedly in early July to the lowest level in five months as inflation worries dented confidence in the economic recovery, a survey showed on Friday. The preliminary consumer sentiment index fell to 80.8 in the first half of this month – the lowest since February – from a final reading of 85.5 in June. Supply constraints nationwide have led to a surge in consumer prices, as they increased by the most in 13 years in June.

BOJ cuts Japan growth forecast, unveils climate scheme plan

The Bank of Japan (BOJ) cut this fiscal year’s growth forecast on Friday as new emergency curbs to combat the Covid-19 pandemic hurt consumption, reinforcing expectations that it will lag global counterparts in dialling back its massive stimulus. With monetary policy in a holding pattern, the BOJ edged closer to uncharted territory by laying out details of a new scheme aimed at funding activities for combating climate change. The central bank also released a list of other steps it will take on climate change, including a plan to start buying green bonds using its small pool of foreign reserves.

China central bank says it will steadily push forward digital yuan pilots

China’s central bank said on Friday it would steadily push forward pilot schemes to develop its digital yuan, and will not set a timetable for rolling out the digital currency. China is a front runner in the global race to launch central bank digital currency and has held trials in several major cities including Shenzhen and Shanghai. The country will mainly use its digital yuan for domestic retailing payments, while exploring pilot schemes in using the digital currency for cross-border payments, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) said in a white paper published on its website.


Source: Bloomberg, Investing.com, Reuters, CNBC





技术支持 :1803/1793


  • 由于通胀担忧,美国消费者信心在 7 月初下降
  • 日本央行下调日本经济增长预测
  • 中国央行表示将稳步推进数字人民币试点
  • 美元兑马币交易RM 4.2150



  • 2021年7月 19日,马来西亚时间 11:00 am – 巴西中央银行焦点市场读数


由于通胀担忧,美国消费者信心在 7 月初下降

由于通胀担忧削弱了对经济复苏的信心,美国消费者信心在 7 月初意外大幅下滑至五个月以来的最低水平。本月上半月消费者信心指数初值从 6 月的最终读数 85.5 降至 2 月以来的最低值 80.8。全国范围内的供应限制导致消费者价格飙升,6 月份涨幅为 13 年来最大。


日本央行 (BOJ) 周五下调了本财年的增长预测,因为应对 Covid-19 大流行的新的紧急限制措施损害了消费,增强了人们对日本央行在缩减其大规模刺激措施方面将落后于全球同行的预期。由于货币政策处于持有模式,日本央行公布了一项旨在为应对气候变化活动提供资金的新计划的细节,从而更接近未知领域。央行还公布了将采取的应对气候变化的其他措施清单,包括开始利用其少量外汇储备购买绿色债券的计划。



资料来源: Bloomberg, Investing.com, Reuters, CNBC