Global Market Report - 15 Apr 2022

Gold Spot

Gold eased on Thursday as risk appetite recovered but was still on track for a weekly gain buoyed by safe-haven demand amid the Ukraine crisis and mounting price pressures. The main move was on Tuesday when we saw the (U.S.) CPI (Consumer Price Index) numbers and although they were pretty much in line with expectations. Gold has gained about 1.4% so far in the holiday-truncated week. Most markets will be closed on Friday for a holiday.

Technical Resistance: 1996/2020

Technical support: 1965/1950

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  • 2022 Malaysia time 09:15 pm - U.S. Industrial Production YoY

ECB on track to unwind stimulus after inflation warning

The European Central Bank confirmed plans on Thursday to end its hallmark stimulus scheme in the third quarter, worried that high inflation could become entrenched, even as the war in Ukraine left the outlook exceptionally uncertain. The ECB has been unwinding support at a glacial pace, far slower than its peers, worried that growth could quickly crumble as the war, sky-high energy prices and the risk of losing access to Russian gas batter an already fragile economy. Even on Thursday it maintained a non-committal tone, avoiding any firm pledge beyond the end of bond buys, stressing that policy is flexible and can quickly change.

U.S. consumer mood brightens in early April, survey shows

U.S. consumer sentiment rebounded unexpectedly in early April from a decade low with the strong job market lifting the outlook for wage growth and a fall in gasoline prices from the previous month's record high helping to cap expectations for a further acceleration in inflation, a survey showed on Thursday. The University of Michigan's Consumer Sentiment Index rose to 65.7 on a preliminary basis this month from a final reading of 59.4 in March, which had been the lowest since 2011. That topped expectations for a reading of 59, according to a Reuters poll of economists, and helped snap a skid of three consecutive monthly declines.

Singapore, Korea lead Asia's central bank battle against inflation

Singapore and South Korea both tightened monetary policy on Thursday, hot on the heels of rate hikes in Canada and New Zealand, as global policymakers moved quickly to prevent soaring inflation from derailing a fragile world economic recovery. While the four central banks began tightening policy last year to stem price rises caused by coronavirus-driven logistics bottlenecks, the war in Ukraine, which started Feb. 24, has since intensified supply pressures, heightening the urgency for policymakers to bring forward planned rate hikes.

Source: Bloomberg,, Reuters


由于风险偏好回升,黄金周四走软,但在乌克兰危机和不断上升的价格压力下,避险需求提振了黄金周线涨幅。主要举措是在周二,我们看到了(美国)CPI(消费者物价指数)数据,尽管它们几乎符合预期。在假期结束的一周内,黄金迄今已上涨约 1.4%。大多数市场将在周五因假期休市。


技术支持 :1965/1950


• 欧洲央行在通胀预警后有望放松刺激措施

• 调查显示,4 月初美国消费者情绪好转

• 新加坡、韩国引领亚洲央行对抗通胀

• 美元兑马币交易 4.2360


  • 2022年4月15日,马来西亚时间 09:15 pm – 美国工业产出年率(%) (同比)



调查显示,4 月初美国消费者情绪好转

一项调查显示,美国消费者信心在 4 月初从 10 年低点意外反弹,强劲的就业市场提振了工资增长前景,而汽油价格从上个月的创纪录高位回落,有助于限制通胀进一步加速的预期。周四。密歇根大学消费者信心指数本月初值从 3 月份的 59.4 升至 65.7,这是自 2011 年以来的最低水平。根据路透社对经济学家的一项调查,该指数高于预期的 59,并帮助结束了连续三个月的下跌。


在加拿大和新西兰加息之后,新加坡和韩国周四都收紧了货币政策,因为全球政策制定者迅速采取行动,防止通胀飙升破坏脆弱的世界经济复苏。虽然四家央行去年开始收紧政策以遏制由冠状病毒驱动的物流瓶颈导致的价格上涨,但自 2 月 24 日开始的乌克兰战争加剧了供应压力,提高了决策者提前计划加息的紧迫性.资料来源: Bloomberg,, Reuters

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