Global Market Report - 12 May 2022

Gold Spot

Gold resumed its climb on Wednesday after a knee-jerk retreat tied to the release of U.S. inflation data, as the dollar slipped with investors latching on to a slight cooling of consumer prices. U.S. consumer price growth slowed in April as gasoline prices eased off record highs, suggesting inflation has probably peaked, though it is likely to stay hot for a while and keep the Federal Reserve raising interest rates to cool demand.

Technical Resistance: 1863/1873

Technical support: 1846/1835

Market headlines:

Economic data:                

  • 2022 Malaysia time 2:00 pm – U.K. GDP (YoY) (Q1) 
  • May 2022 Malaysia time 08:30 pm – U.S. Initial Jobless Claims
  • May 2022 Malaysia time 10:30 pm – U.S. PPI (MoM) (Apr)

Shares churn, close down; yields fall after U.S. inflation data

Wall Street stocks closed sharply lower and Treasury yields fell in Wednesday's volatile session as oil prices rallied and investors worried about the potential for an economic slowdown. U.S. equity indexes hadtraded higher and lower during the volatile session as investors picked through U.S. inflation data for clues about the Federal Reserve's rate hiking path.

Oil up more than 5%, as Russia-EU energy quarrel intensifies

Oil prices rose more than 5% on Wednesday after flows of Russian gas to Europe fell and Russia sanctioned some European gas companies, adding to uncertainty in world energy markets. Oil and gas prices have risen since Moscow invaded Ukraine in February and the United States and allies subsequently imposed heavy sanctions on Russia. Crude trade has been curtailed, and Russia has threatened to cut off gas supply to Europe, though it has stopped short of that move.

Chinese developer Sunac misses bond repayment, expects to miss more

Property developer Sunac China did not make an interest payment on a $742 million offshore bond by the time a grace period expired and expects it will not make payments on other bonds coming due, the company said on Thursday. It had been due to pay $29.5 million in interest on the October 2023 bond that was required to be repaid last month. Sunac, which is mainland China's third-largest developer by sales, said it had also not made interest payments on three other offshore bonds that are currently in a grace period of 30 days.

Source: Bloomberg,, Reuters


在因美国通胀数据发布而下意识回落后,黄金在周三恢复攀升,因美元下滑,投资者锁定消费者价格略有降温。 由于汽油价格从历史高位回落,美国 4 月份消费者价格增长放缓,这表明通胀可能已经见顶,不过通胀可能会持续一段时间,并让美联储继续加息以冷却需求。


技术支持 :1846/1835


• 股票流失,倒闭; 美国通胀数据公布后收益率下降

• 俄欧能源争端加剧,油价上涨逾5%

• 中国开发商融创错过债券偿还,预计会错过更多

• 美元兑马币交易 4.3850


  • 2022年5月12日,马来西亚时间 2:00 pm – 英国GDP季率(%) (季度环比) (第一季度)       
  • 2022年5月12日,马来西亚时间 08:30 pm – 美国初请失业金人数
  • 2022年5月12日,马来西亚时间 08:30 pm – 美国PPI月率(%) (月度环比) (四月)

股票流失,倒闭; 美国通胀数据公布后收益率下降

由于油价上涨以及投资者担心经济可能放缓,华尔街股市收盘大幅走低,美国国债收益率在周三的震荡交易中下跌。 由于投资者从美国通胀数据中寻找有关美联储加息路径的线索,美国股指在震荡的交易日中不断走高。


在俄罗斯向欧洲的天然气流量下降以及俄罗斯制裁了一些欧洲天然气公司后,油价周三上涨了 5% 以上,这增加了世界能源市场的不确定性。 自莫斯科 2 月入侵乌克兰以及美国及其盟国随后对俄罗斯实施严厉制裁以来,石油和天然气价格一直在上涨。 原油贸易受到限制,俄罗斯威胁要切断对欧洲的天然气供应,尽管它没有采取这一行动。


该公司周四表示,房地产开发商融创中国在宽限期届满时尚未支付 7.42 亿美元离岸债券的利息,并预计不会支付其他到期债券。 它本应支付 2023 年 10 月债券的 2950 万美元利息,该债券需要在上个月偿还。 按销售额计算,中国大陆第三大开发商融创表示,它还没有为其他三只目前处于 30 天宽限期的离岸债券支付利息。资料来源: Bloomberg,, Reuters

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