Global Market Report - 12 Apr 2022

Gold Spot

Gold and silver prices are posting good gains in early U.S. action Monday, on safe-haven buying interest and amid worries about inflation becoming even more problematic in the coming months. The Russia-Ukraine war is in its seventh week amid no signs of any ceasefire. The Covid pandemic continues to surge in China, which has once again clouded the growth outlook for the world’s second-largest economy. Inflation worries are also near the front burner of the marketplace.

Technical Resistance: 1969/1984

Technical support: 1940/1925

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  • 2022 Malaysia time 02:00 pm – U.K. Average Earnings Index +Bonus
  • 2022 Malaysia time 02:00 pm – U.K. Claimant Count Change
  • 2022 Malaysia time 08:30 pm – U.S. Core Consumer Price Index (CPI) MoM

Fed's Evans: half-point hikes likely, shouldn't go too far

Chicago Federal Reserve Bank President Charles Evans on Monday signaled he would not necessarily oppose getting interest rates up to a neutral setting of 2.25% to 2.5% by the end of the year, a pace that would require a couple of 50 basis-point rate hikes at upcoming Fed meetings. "Fifty is obviously worthy of consideration; perhaps it's highly likely even if you want to get to neutral by December," Evans told the Detroit Economic Club. But, he added, the Fed should not raise rates so fast that it doesn't have enough time to assess inflation pressures and adjust policy in response.

UK growth stutters in February as cost-of-living squeeze looms

Britain's economy slowed more sharply than expected in February, reflecting a hit to car production from component shortages, storm disruption and reduced health spending as households braced for a tighter cost-of-living squeeze. Monthly gross domestic product growth was just 0.1% in February compared with 0.8% in January, the Office for National Statistics said on Monday, below the 0.3% forecast by economists in a Reuters poll. GDP collapsed by more than 9% in 2020, its biggest annual fall since just after World War One but rebounded sharply in 2021 and suffered only a modest hit from the Omicron variant of coronavirus in December.

New Zealand business confidence worsens as COVID continues to impact

New Zealand business confidence and demand worsened in the first quarter of this year due to the ongoing damage the COVID-19 outbreak is having on the economy, a private think tank said on Tuesday. A net 40% of firms surveyed expected general business conditions to deteriorate compared with 28% pessimism in the previous quarter, the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research's (NZIER) quarterly survey of business opinion (QSBO) showed. The manufacturing sector is the least pessimistic of the sectors survey but still face many challenges as Omicron's spread impacts deliveries, NZIER said in its report.

Source: Bloomberg,, Reuters


由于避险买盘兴趣以及对未来几个月通胀问题的担忧加剧,黄金和白银价格在周一美国早盘行动中录得良好涨幅。在没有任何停火迹象的情况下,俄乌战争已进入第七周。 Covid大流行在中国继续激增,这再次给世界第二大经济体的增长前景蒙上阴影。对通胀的担忧也是市场的头等大事。


技术支持 :1940/1925


• 美联储埃文斯:可能加息半个百分点,但不应走得太远

• 生活成本紧缩迫在眉睫,英国 2 月增长步履蹒跚

• 随着新冠病毒的持续影响,新西兰商业信心恶化

• 美元兑马币交易 4.2410


  • 2022年4月12日,马来西亚时间 02:00 pm – 英国含红利三个月平均工资年率(%) (二月)
  • 2022年4月12日,马来西亚时间 02:00 pm – 英国失业金申请人数(人) (三月)       
  • 2022年4月12日,马来西亚时间 08:30 pm – 美国核心CPI月率(%) (月度环比) (三月)


芝加哥联邦储备银行行长查尔斯埃文斯周一表示,他不一定会反对在年底前将利率上调至 2.25% 至 2.5% 的中性水平,而这一步伐需要加息 50 个基点。在即将召开的美联储会议上。 “50 显然值得考虑;即使你想在 12 月之前达到中性,也很有可能,”埃文斯告诉底特律经济俱乐部。但是,他补充说,美联储不应该过快加息,以至于没有足够的时间来评估通胀压力并调整政策以应对。

生活成本紧缩迫在眉睫,英国 2 月增长步履蹒跚

英国 2 月份经济放缓幅度超过预期,反映出汽车生产因零部件短缺、风暴中断以及随着家庭准备好应对生活成本收紧而减少的医疗支出造成的打击。国家统计局周一表示,2 月份国内生产总值 (GDP) 月度增长率仅为 0.1%,而 1 月份为 0.8%,低于经济学家在路透社调查中预测的 0.3%。 2020 年 GDP 暴跌超过 9%,这是自第一次世界大战后的最大年度跌幅,但在 2021 年急剧反弹,并且在 12 月仅受到 Omicron 冠状病毒变体的轻微打击。


一家私人智囊团周二表示,由于 COVID-19 疫情对经济造成的持续损害,新西兰商业信心和需求在今年第一季度恶化。新西兰经济研究所 (NZIER) 的商业意见季度调查 (QSBO) 显示,净 40% 的受访公司预计总体商业状况将恶化,而上一季度为 28% 的悲观情绪。 NZIER 在其报告中表示,制造业是行业调查中最不悲观的行业,但由于 Omicron 的价差影响交付,仍面临许多挑战。资料来源: Bloomberg,, Reuters

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