Global Market Report - 10 Jun 2022

Gold Spot

Gold prices fell on Thursday as elevated U.S. Treasury yields and a firm dollar dimmed bullion’s appeal in the run-up to U.S. inflation data that could strengthen the case for aggressive policy tightening by the Federal Reserve. The ECB said it will end bond buys on July 1 and raise rates by 25 basis points later in the month. It will hike again in September and may opt for a bigger move then, if the inflation outlook fails to improve.

Technical Resistance: 1862/1878

Technical support: 1838/1825

Market headlines:

Economic data:                

  • 2022 Malaysia time 8:30 pm – U.S. Core CPI (MoM) (May)

Stocks, euro slip as ECB sets rate hikes, CPI looms

U.S. and European shares slid while benchmark euro zone yields hit an eight-year high on Thursday after the European Central Bank prepared to hike interest rates next month for the first time since 2011 and as pending inflation data spooked investors. While the ECB decision was widely expected, the possibility of a larger hike from September weighed on sentiment as the euro zone economy grapples with slowing growth and soaring inflation.

London shares slip after ECB signals first rate hike in decade

UK's FTSE 100 slipped for a third straight session on Thursday, after the European Central Bank signalled it will hike euro zone interest rates next month for the first time in a decade. Markets have been anticipating the ECB's decision for weeks, and the prospect of a greater rate hike in September impacted sentiment at a time when the euro zone economy is struggling with slowing growth and rising inflation.

China's exports surge on easing COVID curbs, trade outlook still fragile

China's exports grew at a double-digit pace in May, shattering expectations in an encouraging sign for the world's second biggest economy, as factories restarted and logistics snags eased after authorities relaxed some COVID curbs in Shanghai. Imports also expanded for the first time in three months, providing welcome relief to Chinese policy makers as they try to chart an economic path out of the supply-side shock that has rocked global trade and financial markets in recent months.

Source: Bloomberg,, Reuters


金价周四下跌,因美国国债收益率上升和美元坚挺削弱了黄金在美国通胀数据公布前的吸引力,这可能加强美联储积极收紧政策的理由。 欧洲央行表示,将于 7 月 1 日结束债券购买,并在本月晚些时候加息 25 个基点。 如果通胀前景未能改善,它将在 9 月再次加息,届时可能会选择更大的举措。


技术支持 :1838/1825


• 股市、欧元下滑,因欧洲央行决定加息,CPI 迫在眉睫

• 欧洲央行暗示十年来首次加息后伦敦股市下跌

• 中国出口因放松新冠疫情限制而激增,贸易前景依然脆弱

• 美元兑马币交易 4.4050


  • 2022年6月10日,马来西亚时间 9:30 am – 中国CPI月率(%) (月度环比) (五月)
  • 2022年6月10日,马来西亚时间 8:30 pm – 美国核心CPI月率(%) (月度环比) (五月)
  • 2022年6月10日,马来西亚时间 9:45 pm – 欧洲央行行长拉加德(Christine Lagarde)讲话

股市、欧元下滑,因欧洲央行决定加息,CPI 迫在眉睫

美国和欧洲股市下跌,而指标欧元区收益率周四触及八年高位,此前欧洲央行准备在下个月自 2011 年以来首次加息,且待定的通胀数据令投资者感到恐慌。 尽管人们普遍预期欧洲央行的决定,但由于欧元区经济正努力应对增长放缓和通胀飙升,从 9 月开始更大幅度加息的可能性令市场情绪承压。


周四英国富时 100 指数连续第三个交易日下滑,此前欧洲央行暗示将在下个月为十年来首次上调欧元区利率。 数周以来,市场一直在期待欧洲央行的决定,而在欧元区经济正艰难应对增长放缓和通胀上升之际,9 月份进一步加息的前景影响了市场情绪。


中国的出口在 5 月份以两位数的速度增长,打破了预期,这对世界第二大经济体来说是一个令人鼓舞的迹象,因为在上海当局放松了一些 COVID 限制后,工厂重新开工,物流障碍得到缓解。 进口也出现了三个月来的首次增长,这为中国政策制定者提供了可喜的宽慰,因为他们正试图为摆脱近几个月震动全球贸易和金融市场的供给侧冲击制定经济路径。资料来源: Bloomberg,, Reuters

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