Global Market Report - 07 Jun 2022

Gold Spot

Gold prices fell on Monday, pressured by an uptick in the U.S. dollar and Treasury yields, as attention turned to U.S. inflation data this week that could strengthen the case for aggressive interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve. U.S. bond yields were higher in the run-up to data on Friday which is expected to show still high inflation. The dollar also firmed, making gold less appealing for overseas buyers. Although gold is considered a hedge against inflation, higher interest rates to tame the rising price pressures dim the appetite for non-yielding bullion.

Technical Resistance: 1850/1860

Technical support: 1830/1820

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Economic data:                

  • 2022 Malaysia time 4:30 Pm – U.K. Composite PMI (May)

Stocks gain on improved sentiment, crude at $120

Global equity markets rose on Monday on signs of an easing of COVID-19 pandemic-related and other restrictions by China and as investors took expected interest rate hikes in coming days in their stride despite crude oil hitting $120 a barrel. The dollar gained against the euro ahead of a European Central Bank policy meeting on Thursday, but risk appetite ebbed after being higher earlier on the day.

Dollar gains as risk appetite fades, inflation data eyed

The dollar gained against a basket of major currencies on Monday as risk appetite waned from earlier levels, with U.S. stocks well off their earlier highs to increase the appeal of the safe haven ahead of a key reading on inflation later in the week. After touching a near 20-year high of 105.01 on May 13, the U.S. dollar index has eased back to around the 102 level, although Friday's strong payrolls report helped the dollar notch its first weekly gain in three.

Sterling holds gains as UK's Johnson wins confidence vote

The British pound held gains late on Monday against the dollar and euro, after Prime Minister Boris Johnson won a confidence vote, called by members of his Conservative Party, but by a relatively modest margin. Johnson won the vote 211 to 148, according to Graham Brady, chairman of the party committee that oversaw the ballot. But Johnson's 59% share of the vote was less than the 63% achieved by his predecessor Theresa May in her confidence vote of December 2018. May was replaced seven months later.

Source: Bloomberg,, Reuters


受美元和美国国债收益率上升的压力,金价周一下跌,因为本周关注的焦点转向美国通胀数据,这可能加强美联储大幅加息的理由。 周五数据公布前,美国债券收益率走高,预计通胀仍将居高不下。 美元也走强,使得黄金对海外买家的吸引力降低。 尽管黄金被认为是对冲通胀的工具,但为抑制不断上涨的价格压力而提高利率会削弱对无收益黄金的需求。


技术支持 :1830/1820


• 股市因情绪改善而上涨,原油价格为 120 美元

• 随着风险偏好消退,通胀数据关注美元上涨

• 英国约翰逊赢得信任投票,英镑保持上涨

• 美元兑马币交易 4.4000


  • 2022年6月7日,马来西亚时间 12:30 pm –澳洲联储利率决议 (六月)
  • 2022年6月7日,马来西亚时间 4:30 pm – 英国综合PMI指数 (五月)
  • 2022年6月7日,马来西亚时间 4:30 pm –英国Markit服务业PMI (五月)

股市因情绪改善而上涨,原油价格为 120 美元

全球股市周一上涨,原因是有迹象表明中国放松了与 COVID-19 大流行相关的限制措施和其他限制措施,而且尽管原油价格达到每桶 120 美元,但投资者在未来几天大步迈进了预期的加息步伐。 在周四欧洲央行政策会议之前,美元兑欧元上涨,但风险偏好在当天早些时候走高后减弱。


美元兑一篮子主要货币周一上涨,因风险偏好较早前减弱,美国股市远低于早前高位,在本周晚些时候通胀关键数据公布前增加避险吸引力。 在 5 月 13 日触及近 20 年高点 105.01 后,美元指数已回落至 102 附近,尽管周五强劲的非农就业报告帮助美元创下三周来的首周涨幅。


在英国首相鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)赢得保守党成员发起的信任投票后,英镑兑美元和欧元在周一尾盘保持上涨,但优势相对较小。 监督投票的党委主席格雷厄姆·布雷迪(Graham Brady)表示,约翰逊以 211 票对 148 票获胜。 但约翰逊 59% 的选票份额低于其前任特蕾莎·梅在 2018 年 12 月的信任投票中获得的 63%。梅在七个月后被取代。资料来源: Bloomberg,, Reuters

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