Global Market Report - 06 Dec 2021

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Gold prices held steady on Monday as market participants weighed the prospect of a faster ending to pandemic-era asset purchases by the U.S. Federal Reserve after data suggested the labour market was rapidly tightening. Fed policymakers look likely to accelerate the wind-down of their asset purchases when they meet later this month as they respond to a tightening labour market and move to open the door to earlier rate hikes than they had projected. U.S. employment growth slowed considerably in November, but the unemployment rate plunged to a 21-month low of 4.2%.

Technical Resistance: 1804/1815

Technical support: 1770/1760

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  • 2021 Malaysia time 05:30pm – UK Construction PMI (Nov)

IMF chief says Omicron could dent global economic growth

The International Monetary Fund is likely to lower its global economic growth estimates due to the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus, the global lender's chief said at the Reuters Next conference on Friday in another sign of the turmoil unleashed by the ever-changing pandemic. Omicron has spread rapidly to at least 40 countries since it was first reported in South Africa last week, officials say, and many governments have tightened travel rules to try to keep it out. Much remains unknown about Omicron. Researchers said it could have picked up genetic material from another virus, perhaps one that causes the common cold, which would allow it to more easily evade human immune system defences.

Asia in cautious mood as Omicron spreads, U.S. CPI looms

Asian share markets got off to a cautious start on Monday as Omicron emerged in more countries and investors faced a week-long wait for key U.S. inflation figures that could settle the course of interest rates. A mixed U.S. jobs report did little to shake market expectations of a more aggressive tightening by the Federal Reserve and the consumer price report due on Friday was likely to make the case for an early tapering. Omicron remained a concern as the variant spread to about one-third of U.S. states, though there were reports from South Africa that cases there had mild symptoms. Early trade was sluggish as MSCI's broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan inched down 0.2%. Japan's Nikkei eased 0.7%, even as the government considered raising its economic growth forecast to account for a record $490 billion stimulus package.

Japan govt considering lifting FY2022 economic growth forecast -NHK

The Japanese government is considering raising its economic growth forecast for fiscal 2022 to take into account the effects of its record $490 billion stimulus package, public broadcaster NHK reported on Monday. In a mid-year review in July, the government projected real gross domestic product (GDP) growth of about 2.2% for the fiscal year starting in April 2022. With the spending package aimed at helping businesses and households weather the pain of the COVID-19 pandemic, it now estimates a tailwind of about 5.6% for real GDP from this fiscal year to next, NHK said.

Source: Bloomberg,, Reuters, The Edge


在数据显示劳动力市场迅速收紧后,市场参与者权衡了美联储加快结束大流行时期资产购买的前景,黄金价格周一保持稳定。美联储政策制定者在本月晚些时候开会时似乎可能会加速缩减资产购买计划,因为他们应对劳动力市场趋紧做出反应,并采取行动为比预期更早的加息敞开大门。美国 11 月就业增长大幅放缓,但失业率跌至 4.2% 的 21 个月低点。


技术支持 :1770/1760


  • IMF 总裁表示 Omicron 可能会削弱全球经济增长
  • 随着 Omicron 价差和美国 CPI 迫在眉睫,亚洲情绪谨慎
  • 日本政府考虑上调 2022 财年经济增长预测 – NHK
  • 美元兑马币交易RM 4.2320


  • 2021年12月 06日,马来西亚时间 05:30 pm – 英国建筑业采购经理人指数(11 月)

IMF 总裁表示 Omicron 可能会削弱全球经济增长

国际货币基金组织负责人周五在路透社下一次会议上表示,由于新冠病毒的新变种,国际货币基金组织可能会降低其全球经济增长预期,这是不断变化的大流行引发的动荡的另一个迹象。官员们说,自从上周在南非首次报道以来,Omicron 已迅速传播到至少 40 个国家,许多政府已经收紧了旅行规定,试图将其拒之门外。关于 Omicron,还有很多未知数。研究人员表示,它可能从另一种病毒(可能是导致普通感冒的病毒)中获取遗传物质,从而使其更容易逃避人类免疫系统的防御。

随着 Omicron 价差和美国 CPI 迫在眉睫,亚洲情绪谨慎

亚洲股市周一开局谨慎,因为更多国家/地区出现了 Omicron,投资者面临长达一周的等待美国关键通胀数据的等待,这些数据可能会决定利率进程。美国就业报告喜忧参半,几乎没有动摇市场对美联储将采取更激进紧缩政策的预期,周五公布的消费者价格报告可能会成为提前缩减的理由。尽管有来自南非的报告称那里的病例症状较轻,但 Omicron 仍然令人担忧,因为该变种已传播到美国约三分之一的州。早盘交易低迷,MSCI明晟亚太地区除日本以外的最广泛指数微跌0.2%。日本日经指数下跌 0.7%,尽管政府考虑提高其经济增长预测,以应对创纪录的 4,900 亿美元刺激计划。

日本政府考虑上调 2022 财年经济增长预测 NHK

公共广播公司 NHK 周一报道,日本政府正在考虑上调 2022 财年的经济增长预测,以考虑其创纪录的 4,900 亿美元刺激计划的影响。在 7 月的年中审查中,政府预计从 2022 年 4 月开始的财政年度的实际国内生产总值 (GDP) 增长率约为 2.2%。支出计划旨在帮助企业和家庭度过 COVID- NHK 表示,自 19 大流行以来,它现在估计从本财年到下一财年的实际 GDP 将增长约 5.6%。资料来源: Bloomberg,, Reuters, The Edge

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