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Gold prices eased as the U.S. dollar edged higher, but lingering inflation concerns kept bullion close to a more than one-week peak hit in the previous session. Top U.S. trade negotiator Katherine Tai on Monday pledged to exclude some Chinese imports from tariffs imposed by former President Donald Trump while pressing Beijing in “frank” talks over its failure to keep promises made in Trump’s trade deal and end harmful industrial policies.

Technical Resistance: 1776/1786

Technical support: 1750/1741

Market headlines:

  • Commodity traders face big margin calls as gas prices soar
  • Japan’s Sept service sector activity shrinks for 20th month-PMI
  • Cryptocurrencies post inflows for 7 straight weeks, led by bitcoin
  • USDMYR traded at 4.1755

Economic data:

  • 05 October 2021 Malaysia time 04:30pm – UK Composite & Services PMI (Sep)
  • 05 October 2021 Malaysia time 10:00pm – ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI (Sep)
  • 05 October 2021 Malaysia time 11:00pm – ECB President Lagarde Speaks


Commodity traders face big margin calls as gas prices soar

The world’s top commodity trading houses are being told by brokers and exchanges to deposit hundreds of millions of dollars in extra funds to cover their exposure to soaring gas prices, seven sources with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters. Glencore, Gunvor, Trafigura and Vitol are among the commodity merchants facing what are known as margin calls on their financial positions in natural gas markets, the sources said. The calls are forcing the traders to tie up more capital. Some, particularly smaller firms, are having to increase borrowing, leaving them with less cash to trade with and potentially hurting their profits, the sources said. The sources, who include company officials, brokers and bankers, declined to be named due to the sensitivity of the matter.

Japan’s Sept service sector activity shrinks for 20th month-PMI

Japan’s services sector activity shrank for a 20th straight month in September as the coronavirus pandemic continued to weigh on sentiment, though the pace of decline eased from the sharp contraction seen in August. The government last week ended here state of emergency curbs it had imposed to get the health crisis under control, as new cases and deaths came down rapidly last month and the strain on the medical system eased. The final au Jibun Bank Japan Services Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) rose to a seasonally adjusted 47.8 from the previous month’s 42.9, slightly better than a 47.4 flash figure. The reading marked the 20th month that services activity remained below the 50.0 threshold that separates contraction from expansion.

Cryptocurrencies post inflows for 7 straight weeks, led by bitcoin

Cryptocurrency investment products and funds recorded inflows for a seventh straight week, as institutional investors warmed to more supportive statements from regulators, data from digital asset manager CoinShares showed on Monday. Inflows to the sector were $90.2 million last week, led by bitcoin which snagged $69 million, according to CoinShares data as of Oct. 1. Over the past seven weeks, crypto inflows reached $390 million. For 2021, inflows totaled $6.1 billion. SEC Chairman Gary Gensler last week at a Financial Times conference reiterated his support for bitcoin exchange traded funds that would invest in futures contracts instead of the digital currency itself. A day later, Fed Chair Jerome Powell, in remarks before Congress, said the Fed had no intention of banning cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin on Monday hit a four-week high of just under $50,000 and was last up 2.3% at $49,333. Bitcoin recorded its third straight week of inflows. Source: Bloomberg, Investing.com, Reuters



随着美元小幅走高,黄金价格走低,但挥之不去的通胀担忧使金价接近前一交易日触及的一周多高位。美国顶级贸易谈判代表凯瑟琳·戴周一承诺,将一些中国进口产品排除在前总统唐纳德特朗普征收的关税之外,同时就北京未能遵守特朗普贸易协议中的承诺和结束有害的产业政策进行“坦率”谈判,向北京施压。美国总统乔拜登表示,除非共和党人与民主党人一起投票在未来两周内提高债务上限,否则联邦政府可能会在历史性违约中突破其 28.4 万亿美元的债务上限。


技术支持 :1750/1741


  • 随着天然气价格飙升,商品交易商面临巨额追加保证金通知
  • 日本 9 月服务业活动第 20 个月萎缩-采购经理人指数
  • 加密货币连续 7 周流入,以比特币为首
  • 美元兑马币交易RM 4.1800


  • 2021年10月 05日,马来西亚时间 04:30 pm – 英国综合与服务业采购经理人指数(9 月)2021年10月 05日,马来西亚时间 10:00 pm – ISM 非制造业采购经理人指数(9 月)
  • 2021年10月 05日,马来西亚时间 11:00 pm – 欧洲央行行长拉加德讲话




日本 9 月服务业活动第 20 个月萎缩采购经理人指数

日本 9 月服务业活动连续第 20 个月萎缩,原因是冠状病毒大流行继续打压市场情绪,但下降速度从 8 月的急剧萎缩中有所放缓。随着上个月新病例和死亡人数迅速下降,医疗系统的压力得到缓解,政府上周结束了为控制健康危机而实施的紧急状态限制。最终的 au Jibun 银行日本服务采购经理人指数 (PMI) 从上个月的 42.9 升至经季节性调整的 47.8,略好于 47.4 的初步数据。该读数标志着服务活动连续第 20 个月保持在将收缩与扩张分开的 50.0 阈值以下。

加密货币连续 7 周流入,以比特币为首

数字资产管理公司 CoinShares 周一公布的数据显示,由于机构投资者对监管机构的支持性声明更加热情,加密货币投资产品和基金连续第七周录得资金流入。根据 CoinShares 截至 10 月 1 日的数据,上周该行业的资金流入为 9,020 万美元,其中比特币为 6,900 万美元。在过去七周中,加密货币资金流入达到 3.9 亿美元。 2021 年,流入总额为 61 亿美元。 SEC 主席 Gary Gensler 上周在金融时报会议上重申了他对比特币交易所交易基金的支持,这些基金将投资于期货合约而不是数字货币本身。一天后,美联储主席杰罗姆鲍威尔在国会发表讲话时表示,美联储无意禁止加密货币。周一比特币触及不到 50,000 美元的四个星期高点,最后上涨 2.3% 至 49,333 美元。比特币连续第三周流入。

资料来源: Bloomberg, Investing.com, Reuters, The Edge Markets