Global Market Report - 03 Jun 2022

Gold Spot

Gold prices rose over 1% on Thursday supported by a dip in the dollar and data showing U.S. private payrolls rose less than expected last month. The dollar index was down 0.7%, slipping off a one-week high touched on Wednesday. ADP National Employment Report data showed private payrolls rose by 128,000 jobs last month versus forecast for an increase of 300,000 jobs.

Technical Resistance: 1875/1882

Technical support: 1850/1830

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  • 2022 Malaysia time 8:30 Pm – U.S. Unemployment Rate (May)

Global stock markets rise, U.S. yields fall ahead of employment data

Global equity markets rose while U.S. yields were lower on Thursday after lower-than-expected private payrolls data stirred hopes that the American economy was likely cooling and the Federal Reserve might be persuaded to modify its aggressive stance on interest rates and inflation. The ADP National Employment Report on Thursday showed that private payrolls rose by 128,000 jobs in May, which was much lower than the consensus estimate of 300,000 jobs and suggested that demand for labour was starting to slow.

Dollar falls as investors reach for riskier currencies

The U.S. dollar fell across the board on Thursday, ceding ground gained in recent sessions as firmer risk sentiment prompted investors to reach for higher-yielding currencies. Stock markets around the world rose on Thursday after recent weakness, as bets Saudi Arabia may boost crude production cooled oil prices, helping balance concerns over surging inflation and monetary policy tightening.

Asia FX bears retreat slightly, China concerns persist - Reuters poll

Bearish bets on Asian currencies reduced on signs that China's economic pain may abate with easing of COVID-19 curbs, but analysts were still wary of future lockdowns and the direction of U.S. monetary policy, a Reuters poll showed on Thursday. Short positions on South Korea's won and the Taiwanese dollar were at their lowest since late-February, while those on the Chinese yuan slipped to a six-week low, according to the fortnightly survey of 11 respondents.

Source: Bloomberg,, Reuters


周四金价上涨超过 1%,受美元下跌和数据显示上月美国私人就业人数增幅低于预期的支撑。 美元指数下跌 0.7%,从周三触及的一周高位回落。 ADP 全国就业报告数据显示,上个月私人就业岗位增加了 128,000 个,而预期增加了 300,000 个。


技术支持 :1850/1830


• 全球股市上涨,美国收益率在就业数据之前下跌

• 投资者买入风险较高的货币,美元下跌

• 亚洲汇市空头小幅回落,中国担忧持续--路透调查

• 美元兑马币交易 4.3900


  • 2022年6月3日,马来西亚时间 8:30 pm –美国季调后非农就业人口变动 (五月)
  • 2022年6月3日,马来西亚时间 8:30 pm – 美国失业率 (五月)
  • 2022年6月3日,马来西亚时间 10:00 pm – 美国ISM非制造业PMI (五月)


周四全球股市上涨,而美国收益率走低,此前低于预期的私人就业数据引发了人们对美国经济可能正在降温以及美联储可能被说服改变其对利率和通胀的激进立场的希望。 ADP 周四公布的全国就业报告显示,5 月份私人就业岗位增加了 128,000 个,远低于市场普遍预期的 300,000 个,表明劳动力需求开始放缓。


美元周四全线下跌,在最近几个交易日的涨幅回落,因风险情绪走强促使投资者买入高收益货币。 全球股市在近期疲软后周四上涨,因押注沙特阿拉伯可能提振原油产量降低了油价,有助于平衡对通胀飙升和货币政策收紧的担忧。


周四的一项调查显示,由于有迹象表明中国的经济痛苦可能随着 COVID-19 限制的放松而减轻,对亚洲货币的空头押注有所减少,但分析师仍对未来的封锁和美国货币政策的方向持谨慎态度。 根据对 11 名受访者的两周一次调查,韩元和台币空头头寸处于 2 月底以来的最低水平,而人民币空头头寸跌至六周低点。资料来源: Bloomberg,, Reuters

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