Global Market Report - 01 Jun 2022

Gold Spot

Gold prices fell nearly 1% on Tuesday and were headed for a second consecutive month of declines, pressured by a stronger dollar and as rising U.S. Treasury yields dented the metal’s appeal despite concerns over surging inflation. The dollar index was steady and benchmark U.S. 10-year Treasury yields jumped, dimming the appeal of the non-yielding metal.

Technical Resistance: 1850/1875

Technical support: 1825/1810

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  • 2022 Malaysia time 7:00 Pm – ECB President Lagarde Speaks                

Global stocks fall, U.S. yields rise as oil prices reach new highs

Global equity markets dipped while U.S. Treasury yields rose sharply on Tuesday as investors weighed the prospects of higher inflation following a phased ban of Russian oil imports by the European Union that has lifted crude prices to new highs. EU leaders agreed in principle to cut 90% of oil imports from Russia, the bloc's toughest sanction yet on Moscow since the invasion of Ukraine in February.

Bonds tremble as inflation hits new records

Stocks steadied in Asia on Wednesday as Shanghai emerged blinking from two months of lockdown and a dip in oil prices dangled the prospect of a respite from rising energy prices, but nerves about inflation kept investors and bond markets on edge. Soaring food and energy costs drove eurozone inflation to a record-high 8.1% in May, overnight data showed, beating market expectations and stoking concern about rate rises not just in Europe but globally.

Asia's factory activity slows in May as China COVID curbs weigh

Asia's factory activity slowed in May as China's heavy-handed coronavirus curbs continued to disrupt supply chains and dampen demand, adding to woes for some of the region's economies that are already under strain from surging raw material costs. Manufacturers slowed activity last month in countries ranging from Japan to Taiwan and Malaysia, business surveys showed on Wednesday, a sign of the challenge policymakers face in combatting inflation with tighter monetary policy - without crippling growth.

Source: Bloomberg,, Reuters


金价周二下跌近 1%,并有望连续第二个月下跌,原因是美元走强以及美国国债收益率上升削弱了黄金的吸引力,尽管人们担心通胀飙升。 美元指数持稳,基准美国 10 年期国债收益率跳升,削弱了这种无收益金属的吸引力。


技术支持 :1825/1810


• 随着油价创下新高,全球股市下跌,美国收益率上升

• 随着通胀创下新纪录,债券颤抖

• 亚洲的工厂活动在 5 月份放缓,原因是中国 COVID 遏制措施带来压力

• 美元兑马币交易 4.3900


  • 2022年6月1日,马来西亚时间 3:55 am –  德国制造业PMI月率(%) (五月)           
  • 2022年6月1日,马来西亚时间 7:00 pm –欧洲央行行长拉加德(Christine Lagarde)讲话 
  • 2022年6月1日,马来西亚时间 10:00 pm –美国ISM制造业PMI (五月)


全球股市下跌,而美国国债收益率周二大幅上涨,因在欧盟分阶段禁止俄罗斯石油进口将原油价格推高至新高后,投资者权衡通胀上升的前景。 欧盟领导人原则上同意削减 90% 的俄罗斯石油进口,这是欧盟自 2 月入侵乌克兰以来对莫斯科实施的最严厉制裁。


周三亚洲股市持稳,因为上海从两个月的封锁中恢复过来,油价下跌使能源价格上涨的前景悬而未决,但对通胀的紧张情绪让投资者和债券市场紧张不安。 隔夜数据显示,飙升的食品和能源成本推动欧元区 5 月通胀率达到创纪录的 8.1%,超出市场预期,引发了人们对欧洲乃至全球加息的担忧。

亚洲的工厂活动在 5 月份放缓,原因是中国 COVID 遏制措施带来压力

亚洲的工厂活动在 5 月份放缓,原因是中国严厉的冠状病毒遏制措施继续扰乱供应链并抑制需求,加剧了该地区一些已经因原材料成本飙升而承受压力的经济体的困境。 周三的商业调查显示,制造商上个月在日本、台湾和马来西亚等国家放缓了活动,这表明政策制定者在不削弱经济增长的情况下,在通过收紧货币政策来对抗通胀方面面临挑战。资料来源: Bloomberg,, Reuters

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